Finns celebrate the biggest holidays Christmas, Lucia, Eastern and Midsummer in a similar way as the other northern countries: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway. You can easily get a taste of the Finnish cuisine and traditions by having a Karelian pastry. Karelian pasties are traditional pasties or pirogs from the region of Karelia. Today they are eaten throughout Finland as well as in the neighbouring country Estonia and northern Russia. The pirogs are consisting of a thin pastie with a special kind of filling, mashed potatoes, or rice porridge.
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Personal space

People all around the world live in their own little word. We live in different societies with different norms. Depending on who we want to accompany us in your world, be keep different distance. Read more ….


Coffee is a world widespread beverage. About three thousand million cups of coffee is drunk in the world every day. Finland is the country who drink the most coffee.
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Have you heard of Sauna? A sauna is a room that has a high temperature and you use the sauna for bathing. The Finnish word is sauna which is also the word used international. Read more…


A little hidden gem located far up North.

Finland is one of the largest countries in Europe and Lapland, which makes up a full one third of Finland, is north of the Arctic Circle. Culturally and politically, Finland is part of Scandinavia and this is reflected in the country’s culture, high standard of living, education system and its avant-garde design.
Nature, the most important part of daily life in northern parts of Finland. Follow Pasi´s interesting daily life in dog-sleigh farm.

Do you love the nature?

The Finns love the nature. Finland is often referred to as” the land of the thousand lakes”. This is because the lakes and rivers account for around 10 percent of the country´s total area. Expansive forests cover most of Finland, making forestry a top producing industry. Finland is known for being the country that has the third cleanest air in the world. They also have lots of clean lakes where you can go fishing, canoeing, rowing and sailing. You will also find Midnight sun, in the month of June and July, when the sun stays above the horizon. Finland’s landscape provides habitat for wild animals like for example the brown bear, the Saimaa ringed seal and the lynx. Here you can read more about the Nature in Finland and learn more about the different landscapes.
Winter time can you find Northern Lights in Finland, Aurora Borealis. You can enjoy several ski resorts and routes. The ski resorts often offer husky and reindeer rides. Since Finland offers reindeer rides they also offers you to visit Santa Claus, he greets visitors all year around in Rovaniemi. Here you can read more about the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi.
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Santa & Northern lights tour (3d)

Summary: Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland in Finland, located at the northern Arctic Circle. Altought Christmas time comes only once a year, in Rovaniemi you can experience Christmas throughtout the year. Rovaniemi is the Hometown of Santa Claus who can be met on any day of the year at the Santa Claus Office on the Arctic Circle. Day 1  After arrival to Rovaniemi you will check in to hotel of your choice in the heart of Rovaniemi. When you have settled [...]
Rovaniemi, Suomi, Finland

Archipelago Tour

Summary: Get to know two of the most important island groups of the Helsinki archipelago- Vallisaari and Suomenlinna. Vallisaari was closed to the public nearly 400 years and was opened to visitors in Spring 2016. The islands untouched nature and its history are unique; Vallisaari has also almost 1000 different species of butterflies. The walking tour is about 3km long and after that, the journey will continue by boat to the close by Suomenlinna sea fortress, where we will make a [...]
Vaasankatu, 00101 Helsinki, Suomi, Finland

Helsinki city tour (2d)

Summary: East from Stockholm and west from Saint Petersburg lies Helsinki, capitol of Finland. Established on 315 islands and with it´s  650 000 inhabitants, Helsinki is the biggest city in Finland. Day 1:  After checking in to your hotel it is time to explore city center. Thanks to the fact that most of the tourist attractions are in the heart of the city, easiest way to get around is by foot. Rock Church: A unique church built into the rock. Rock walls gives a [...]
Helsinki, Suomi, Finland
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