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Many of Sweden’s traditions have religious roots even though Sweden today is a secular society. Sweden is being enriched with religions and traditions from other countries since the population of Sweden are mixed nations. For example, Islam’s Ramadan fasting is noticed in Swedish society. Sweden’s four different seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn, brings varying traditions. Read more…



The swedish Allemansrätten, Right of public access, is something everyone uses more or less while being outdoors. You use it if you go hiking in the nature or swimming in a lake.
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Fika is the Swedish word for having coffee. The Swedish concept fika has become widespread. The coffee can for example be replaced by tea, juice or lemonade.
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Lagom is a Swedish word commonly translated just the right amount. The word can be defined as enough, sufficient or adequate. A widely translation can be in balance, suitable or appropriate.
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The capital of Scandinavia and Sweden

 The capital of Sweden is surrounded by lake Mälaren creating an open scenery and beautiful views.
It’s easy to navigate in Stockholm thanks to the 14 islands. Stockholm offers city parks, public transport, and rich cultural history.
Visit Stockholm, and stroll in the city and taste our Swedish food.

Do you like music?

If that’s the case is Abba the museum and the Swedish hall of fame a perfect choice. You will find stage costumes, original items and much more at this museum. The tickets are likely to sell out and should be booked in advance. Take a chance and learn more about the 4 group members and their international careers. You will find Abba the museum on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.

Have you heard of the Vikings?

It’s possible to meet the Vikings at the museum Vikingaliv. This is an adventure that will take you back to the Viking age. You can meet different characters and experience their lifestyle. This museum opened in 2017 on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.

It's not a coincidence!

Charlie Caper’s magic take on Stockholm.
On behalf of Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia
Produced by Step2 Communication
Written by Charlie Caper and Emelie Åkerman/copySTHLM
Directed and performed by Charlie Caper Film production by Image Research




Stockholm city tour (2d)

Summary: Enjoy two days or more in the Capital of Scandinavia City is composed of 14 different island on the lake Mälaren and boarding the Baltic sea. Even in the middle of the city the nature and rich history is very present. We encourage you to stay at list one and a half day to have a glimpse of the Scandinavian way of life. Day 1 – Maybe the first thing to do after checking in is a walking tour in the [...]
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 08-562 65 000

Gotland History Tour (4d)

Summary: Gotland, located just outside the east coast,it is not only the biggest island of Sweden, it is the biggest island on the Baltic sea. One of the favorite summer place for the Swedes. It is very close from Stockholm ( 2-3h by boat and 30 minutes by plane) but as a slightly different climate and landscape which reminds little the southern countries of Europe. 3 days & 3 nights in the most exotic place of Sweden. Day 1 : Arrival at [...]
Clarion Hotel Wisby, Strandgatan, Visby, Sweden
Phone: 08-562 650 00